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A fantastic technique to regain function and eliminate pain is through therapeutic exercise. Many individuals think that somebody undergoing physiotherapy treatments is recuperating from a recent operation. It isn't always the case, though. Anyone looking to regain their strength, endurance, flexibility, or stability will benefit greatly from physical therapy.


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We bring years of experience to the table to help you recover and live pain-free as well as to maximize your ability to function, and to perform your daily tasks as well as to get you back to your work and sport activities. No one will treat you in a more professional and compassionate manner, we guarantee it!

Come join us in our fun festive atmosphere. Yes, we laugh a lot while in pain as laughter is still the best medicine. Our sessions aren’t timed, which means we’re not rushing to finish treatment. We give you the time you deserve and need for your healing! "No Clock-Watchers Here!"

Whether you’re recovering from a car accident, healing from an injury, experiencing aches and pains, whether you have a neurological disorder, or you suffer from vestibular problems such as balance problems, dizziness, or vertigo, our providers can work you through a treatment plan built specifically for you.

We utilize a variety of treatment approaches to take care of your musculoskeletal and/or neurological deficits. Dr. Mitchell Hackerman is one of the few, or maybe the only healthcare practitioner in the area who is certified in the McKenzie approach for neck and back pain. He gets many referrals from physicians because of this, and other such certifications. No matter your age, your needs, or your condition, our team is here to help.

When you reach out, you will be connected directly to one of our friendly, helpful staff, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry. So don’t wait. Contact us today! See firsthand how much better your care is at a private owned facility. See why those who compare us directly with other facilities choose us! We have state-of-the-art equipment not found elsewhere in the region.

...As a Private Practice we. . .

  • . . . only have you to answer to, we don't answer to Big Corporate Bean Counters controlling the delivery of care.
  • . . . offer No Session Time Limits; No Clock Watchers Here.
  • . . . offer return visits the same day, No Extra Charge
  • . . . avail more treatment session time if requested, needed and/or required.
  • . . . offer Higher level of Quality Care, Unmatched Skill, all at a lower cost to the Healthcare System!

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Physical therapy can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Why Physical Therapy?

1. To recover from an injury or surgery: Physical therapy can help individuals recover from injuries or surgeries by improving range of motion, strength, and flexibility.
2. To manage chronic pain: Physical therapy can be effective in managing chronic pain by teaching patients how to move and function in ways that reduce pain and prevent future injuries.
3. To improve mobility: Physical therapy can help individuals improve their mobility and ability to move around by addressing underlying physical impairments.
4. To prevent injuries: Physical therapy can help individuals prevent injuries by identifying potential problem areas and teaching proper techniques for movement and exercise.
5. To improve overall physical fitness: Physical therapy can help individuals improve their overall physical fitness and wellness by developing personalized exercise programs that address their specific needs and goals.
6. To improve balance and prevent falls: Physical therapy can help individuals improve their balance and reduce their risk of falls, especially in older adults.

Overall, physical therapy can be a valuable tool for improving physical function, reducing pain, and enhancing overall quality of life.

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Therapeutic Exercises